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Cutting edge products designed for every home

Our complete smart home solution is white label and fully customizable, lowering the threshold to make every home smart.

Connected Home

Home protection and alarm

With Heimgard’s flexible and smart alarm system, you can sleep safely, knowing that your home and family are always protected.

Indoor climate and lighting

Take control of your indoor environment and automate everything from room temperature and air humidity, to ambient lighting and morning routines, reducing friction in your everyday life!

Energy management

Add real value to your customers life and differentiate yourself from the competition, with everything you need to quickly and easily install Smart technology into the electrical system of every home.

Electrical installation products

Collect energy data and make informed decisions on how to manage your power consumption by adding automation and intelligent behaviour-driven energy saving services to your home.

Wireless control

Democratise your smart home with wireless button panels from Heimgard, giving easy access for the whole family to take full control of the home environment.

Heimgard Hub Pro

Smart Home Hub. The brain of your system. You can easily control your indoor climate, lighting, electronic door locks, alarm setup or cameras with a tap in the Heimgard app. Start with a few devices, fall in love, and add more when you want! Completely flexible. Completely secure. The way a smart home is meant to be.

Product Catalogue

Explore our portfolio of smart home products for wholesales and installers. Learn more about what smart home can do for your customers.

Easy installation

Our wide range of sensors, contact switches, door locks, sirens and cameras are easy to install


Take full control of your connected devices from your phone

Flexible and secure

Data is stored securely and locally with the user

Network Products

Mix and match our network devices according to the needs of your home. You can combine several units to create a high-quality Mesh system and optimize the Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your home.


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