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Future-proof, dynamic technology

Through innovation and cutting-edge technology, we are lowering the threshold and redefining the entry point to make every home smart.

Nordic design and cutting-edge technology in perfect harmony

In order to facilitate the best user experience, you also have to think outside the box.

Our premium design not only complements the aesthetics, but also enhances Wi-Fi performance by encouraging a central placement of the router in every home.

Introducing HeimgardOS – The frictionless solution to a complex future

The most advanced operating system on the market is here, enabling Telcos to increase their ARPU and stickiness with a range of new value-added services.

Powered by HeimgardOS

Experience the robustness of HeimgardOS, built on OpenWRT. One common OS across all your network technologies makes it easy to transition from one Wi-Fi generation to the next.

The platform facilitates the seamless integration of value-added services, to optimize your ARPU and reduce churn.


Easy to install with Heimgard Connect

Heimgard is an open ecosystem, built on the Zigbee standards, allowing you to pick and choose components from a wide range of smart products from some of the best suppliers in the market, growing your connected home solution, just the way you want it. Flexible hub, many brands.

Heimgard OS

We have developed the most advanced operating system on the market. With a range of new value-added services, such a Wi-Fi slicing, device prioritization, fast gaming, full home protection at the gateway, and smart home, the HeimgardOS allows you to provide the best quality of experience, building a loyal customer base and future-proofing your operations for compatibility with next-gen hardware.

HeimgardOS enables “Mix and Match”

With HeimgardOS and EasyMesh™ you can easily mix and match all our network devices according to the needs of your home. You manage all the devices with only one app.

Heimgard Hub

This is the heart of our solution. The Heimgard Smart Home IoT software runs inside our high-end and price competitive multifunctional hub, with Wi-Fi 6 Mesh capabilities that can be enabled at a later stage. Zigbee is included in this device for communication with all smart home devices. The Hub is controlled by the App or by integrations connected via the cloud. All logic is contained within the Hub and all standard IoT functionality also works without an internet connection.

Heimgard Wi-Fi 6 Mesh network ROUTER – With built in smart home hub


Our base cloud solution serves as a mediator between Apps, Hubs, and Integrations. It does not contain any personal information. The solution is written in Golang, and delivered and orchestrated by Kubernetes. The solution scales linearly and has self healing mechanisms in place in addition to standard monitoring solutions.


Our integration system makes it possible to communicate with multiple Hubs and to integrate them with other services. The integrations utilize our third-party API, allowing permission-based control over Hubs. Communication between Integrations and Hubs is end-to-end encrypted and cannot be decrypted in the core cloud solution.

The world is changing, and so are the expectations and demands of your customers. With technology from Heimgard, you will provide the highest quality of user experience with value added services, allowing you to seamlessly scale for the future.

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