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Creating value through quality services

We bring value into peoples lives through merging technology with great services. Beyond connectivity.


With integrated value-added network services, such as Home protection, Surf from home, and Wi-Fi optimization, you will be the preferred choice of your customer. Learn how you can utilize the services below to get an advantage over your competition. Create more value and increase your ARPU with in-demand network services.


What if you can have your customers relying on you for more than just your Wi-Fi? With connected home services, you can have your customers’ alarm systems, door locks, and smart energy systems connected to your solution, drastically increasing stickiness and reducing churn. Click the services below and learn how you can utilize this to unlock new recurring revenue streams and deliver Beyond Connectivity.


Activate value added services, like VPN or internet protection, on demand.

Make it yours

White labele it, and get all the credit from your satified customers.

Secure and flexible

All data is stored secure and private with the user.

Make managing your customer’s devices easy, and reduce customer service costs by up to 80-90% with the TR-369 solution. It’s built right into our HeimgardOS, offering telcos a simple way to remotely control and manage routers and other devices.

The solution is perfect for any business looking for a simple and integrated setup to start harvesting the benefits of USP and provisioning. We can provide the TR-369 feature as a part of your solution when partnering with us.

From one distinct brand to another

Heimgard has a distinct brand. However, it is all designed to be white-labeled. We can offer full rebranding of products, packaging, apps, and marketing materials. All according to your needs.

With the highest quality user experience on the market, the credit from your satisfied customers will be all yours!

Network Products

Cellular WAN Routers

Wi-Fi 5 Cat6 LTE WAN Router AC1200 – HC12C6

Whole Home Mesh Systems

Wi-Fi 6 HOME Mesh System AX1800 – CX23 – Grey

ELITE Series

Wi-Fi 6 ELITE GPON WAN Router AX3000 – HX30GP


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