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One gateway to make every home smart!

Heimgard´s all-in-one Wi-Fi and smart home hub enable telcos to increase their ARPU and customer stickiness with a range of new value-added services.

Competition is fierce in today’s telco market, with users more demanding than ever. Add the growing complexity of your network with a variety of hardware and services, then things aren´t getting any easier.

All-in-one solution

Our revolutionary all-in-one Wi-Fi and Smart home hub, with the most advanced operating system on the market, allows you to provide an unrivalled quality of experience, building a loyal customer base, and future-proofing your operations for compatibility with next-gen hardware.

It also enables telcos to increase their ARPU with a range of new and exciting value-added services, such as advanced parental control, Wi-Fi slicing, device prioritization, fast gaming, and full home protection at the gateway.

Nordic design

Our quality hardware is designed to fit in to any home, enabling users to place our boxes in the optimal location to achieve the highest possible level of connectivity, creating an ideal network to support Smart home technology.

Easy to connect

With the Heimgard app, users can set up and manage their new high-end gateway within minutes, easily adding devices to the network and effortlessly configuring mesh nodes, increasing user satisfaction, and reducing your costs related to end-user support.

Flexible and secure

Unlike other systems, our Smart home solution is built on the open Zigbee standard, allowing your customers to pick and choose from over 2000 brands, like Google, Philips Hue and Samsung, increasing your stickiness and reducing churn.

Our use of secure, encrypted, and open standards gives an unprecedented level of security, with all user data stored securely and locally. And with VPN included, this exceptional quality of experience and security extends beyond your user’s home, keeping all their connected devices protected wherever they are in the world.

Make it yours with our white label solution.

What´s more, Heimgard´s network boxes and app is designed to be white labelled. Customized with your own branding the credit from your satisfied customers will be all yours!
The world is changing, and so are the expectations and demands of your users. Be the telecom provider of choice and give your customers the highest quality of user experience with value added services, increasing your ARPU and user stickiness, reducing your churn, and allowing you to seamlessly build for a smarter future.

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