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Prevent damage before it gets costly!

Reduce costly claims and enhance the customer experience. Heimgard´s Smart home solution allows you to offer sophisticated and incentive-driven pricing to increase your stickiness and competitive edge.

Traditional Banking and Insurance is changing. The days of fixed subscription-based security services and costly installations will soon be gone. Customers today demand a more dynamic and flexible approach, better tailored to their needs.

Heimgard´s state-of-the-art Smart home technology comes at an affordable price and is easy-to-install. This lowers the threshold for customers to protect their homes, reducing the risk of costly water leaks, fire damage and burglary claims.

Our revolutionary solution removes the middleman. It allows the customer to have a security partner on call-out only when needed, saving them money. What´s more, with the added value of a wide range of Smart home services like energy management, keyless entry, and home comfort, you will strengthen your customer relationships and reduce churn.

As a Norwegian company, we never compromise on security. Our use of secure, encrypted, and open standards gives an unprecedented level of security, with all user data stored securely and locally. We do not use a username or password, but a private encryption key, connecting your customers phone to their hub, so no personal data can get lost.

All our products can be white labelled and come with software API´s that can be directly integrated with your CRM and other data platforms. You will be able to harvest big data for better predictions, making your business more competitive and aligned with the future.

Your bank and insurance customers demand more, so you need to think smart. With Heimgard´s smart technology you will stand out from the competition and play a positive role in your customers journey, making their money go further and preventing damage before it gets costly.

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