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The Heimgard Key to Unlock lower costs

You might not know this, but the main front door of your apartment building is an obstacle that is losing you money.

Whether it´s letting in a family member or the plumber, a resident must either leave the key under the door mat, jeopardizing security, or arrange with the janitor to spend his valuable time to give the visitor access.

Physical keys are also often lost, with the cost and hassle of replacing them falling on building management. A few replacement keys may not be a big expense but how many lost keys do you allow before replacing the main lock, meaning cutting new keys for every apartment. Now multiply this by the number of apartment buildings you manage, and the cost is substantial.

A complete smart home solution for apartments and homes

Heimgard provides a full smart home solution for apartments, including smart door locks. So, to create a more seamless user experience and add value for our shared customers, we are collaborating with Unloc – the official keyless front door provider for OBOS – Norway’s largest housing developer.

Unloc works with Heimgard

Unloc has specialized on enabling keyless access to any common door in apartment buildings, whether it´s the main entrance door, garage gates, bike sheds, laundry rooms or even mailboxes. Their solution works with a wide array of locks and now also fully integrates with Heimgard.

No keys to replace

Unloc´s state-of-the-art solution replaces the physical lock and key with the world´s most easy-to-use digital, encrypted keys. Through the Unloc app, a digital key can be shared with any relatives or tradespersons that need to be let in.

With no key to lose, you never have to replace a key again, saving you time and money.

Residents no longer need to hide keys under the doormat, strengthening security, with the system logging exactly who has entered the building and when. Users also set the conditions of the key, enabling the key to be used only once or multiple times before it disappears.

By implementing smart technology in your building and apartments, you are adding value for the people living there, creating a safer environment, and saving key management and janitor costs.

Society and technology are moving forward rapidly, and smart technology will manage our lives more and more. There are many ways for technology to remove friction in everyday life, and Heimgard are constantly creating new ways to offer the most seamless user experience for smarter living.

Beyond connectivity

We empower our partners to create secure, robust and adaptive networks, tailored for the future. Our approach combines adaptable solutions, enhanced with value-added services and seamless third-party integrations, ensuring top-tier security and privacy.

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