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Preheat your vacation home

There is nothing better than entering your perfectly tempered vacation home after a long journey. Just tap your phone to turn up the heat, in time for your arrival.

Heimgard’s mobile broadband hub is smart and comes with great Wi-Fi, allowing you to take control of your panel ovens and floor heating through an easy-to-use app.

Use your phone to manually turn up the heat in the bathroom, make a schedule for your heaters to kick in every weekend, or set a rule for your heaters to turn on when the temperature drops, ensuring your pipes never burst.

With the smart home hub in place, you can now add security features such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors and contact switches, as well as smoke and water leak sensors, keeping your home protected when you are not there.

Preheat your vacation home

Perfectly tempered vacation home on arrival

Easy-to-use app

Full control over your vacation home with schedules, rules, and notifications


Protect your pipes from bursting at low temperature

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