Wi-Fi 6 HOME Mesh System AX1800 – CX22 – Black

Wi-Fi 6 mesh system with 2 nodes.

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The Heimgard whole home Wi-Fi mesh system provides the end-user with next-generation Wi-Fi technology on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, (Wi-Fi 6). Three units create a high quality mesh system to cover a larger square or several floors. The mesh system is powered by HeimgardOS, the most advanced operating system for mesh and routers, based on OpenWRT. Completely flexible and secure.

Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System

Covers up to 650m2 open range

Zigbee 3.0 (Smart home ready)

Premium Nordic design with fabric front

HeimgardOS + Heimgard Connect app

Heimgard Smart Mesh Black 2PK v1.pdf


Heimgard CX20 Wi-Fi 6 Router

With the Heimgard Wi-Fi 6 Mesh router, you have a robust Wi-Fi solution that can provide a strong signal throughout the house with up to 750m2 coverage. The premium Nordic design allows optimal placement in any home, resulting in powerful signals in every corner of every home.

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From one distinct brand to another

Heimgard has a distinct brand. However, it is all designed to be white-labeled. We can offer full rebranding of products, packaging, apps, and marketing materials. All according to your needs.

With the highest quality user experience on the market, the credit from your satisfied customers will be all yours!